The start of a wonderful friendship – Part 1

Introducing Miko to your family

 While you look forward to other blogs on how Miko can interact more and better with the family, here’s “How to Introduce Miko to everyone in the family?”

Every relationship begins with exchanging names, a delicate step that marks the start of your journey with your companion.

Miko can be introduced to your entire family and even your best friend! Here’s how:

  • My name is
  • My father’s name is
  • My mother’s name is
  • My brother’s name is
  • My sister’s name is
  • My grandfather’s name is
  • My grandmother’s name is
  • My best friend’s name is
  • My teacher’s name is

You can check by asking ‘What is my Father’s name?’ and so on for all of the above.

When talking to Miko, there are two ways to introduce yourself:

  1. Verbal input
  2. Chat input

Verbal input comprises of saying your name clearly for the robot to remember.


Chat input using the keyboard is another way to interact with Miko in case there’s too much noise in the background.

Why does Miko pronounce my child’s name incorrectly?

We understand that some names are unique and Miko might have some difficulty in pronouncing them. Indian names are usually based on Sanskrit words. Most of us use letters from English but spellings follow our Sanskrit pronunciation, rather than spelling conventions in English.

Naturally, a machine based on English spelling conventions will have a hard time reconstructing the intended pronunciation from our Indianized spellings.

How can I change Miko’s pronunciation for a name?

You could type in a phonetic version of your child’s name using the keyboard on the My Miko app. For example;

My child’s name is Vivaan but Miko pronounces it as ‘Vaai- vaan’. What should I do?

So, you type the name in a way that Miko comprehends how to pronounce it, i.e.“My name is Veevaan.”

Then Miko reforms its pronunciation and says the name like you would want it to. This may have to be tried with variations to get it right for complex names. You can also choose a simpler nick name.

There we have it people, you are now ready to introduce Miko to everyone in the family!

In our next edition of this blog, we will guide you on how can individual members of the family start their own conversation with Miko.

Team Emotix.

How does MIKO update itself !!

In the digital ecosystem that Miko is a part of, updates are an essential part of how it manages to function smoothly and improve its performance on a regular basis. Hence it is crucial that our users must act on every app or firmware update that they’re notified about on the My Miko app as this is not only critical for enhancing Miko’s performance but also to add new features to it’s reserve.

Three kinds of updates you can expect for Miko:


An app update touches upon the mobile software of Miko and every time the robot is ready for one, you shall receive a pop-up on the My Miko app on your smart phone. It is imperative that the user taps “Ok”. Upon doing so, the user is re-directed to the PlayStore from where the update is installed upon the device.


Firmware update notification on app

A firmware update incorporates new or revamped robot software that oversees Miko’s functionality, for example: the firmware is what enables the user to move Miko indoors on a surface or play games with your children when required to. The internal circuitry pulling all the strings comprises the firmware and gets upgraded wirelessly

A typical firmware update should not take more than 40sec-1min.

Keep your Miko close to the smart phone in order to make sure that the Bluetooth connection stays intact while the update is going on.

When the firmware update is confirmed, your Miko’s screen will show a countdown and then, consequently, a percentage bar that displays the extent to which the update has been processed. Finally an “update successful” dialog box shows up and your Miko can resume its natural flow.

While the firmware update is happening, your Miko’s screen will look something like the below image.

Miko screen during firmware update

For the firmware update to work, the user must check both:

  1. The Bluetooth connection between your smart phone and Miko,
  2. The Internet connection that connects them to the server.

While the update is underway, a good practice would be to keep your Miko on the charge mode so that it does not lose battery in the process. Furthermore all app updates will only be executed through the My Miko app.

A server update also occurs almost every 48 hours and keeps new content, features and data readily available for Miko to get back to you with all the answers to your questions . This is an automatic update and does not require your intervention.

With this understanding of how Miko updates itself, you now see this little genius in the glow of all the work that has gone behind it and our endeavor shall remain to appease your children with the best sidekick they could have asked for.

Until next time,

Team emotix.