Miko is available at Croma now!

Getting your own Miko has never been so easier. Miko – India’s first companion robot is now available in select Croma stores . The details for the same are as mentioned below.


The nation’s first large format retail chain for electronics and durables Croma now has Miko in the Gadgets of Desire category.

img-20171013-wa0016  capture

Miko is available across the Lower Parel Phoenix Mall, Ghatkopar R-City mall, Goregaon Oberoi mall and the Juhu outlets of Croma.


Learn coding with Code Master


Ever seen awesome robots in sci-fi movies? like optimus prime or bumblebee, or cute robots like the ones in Big Hero 6 or Wall-E? Well the one thing common between all of them is “algorithms” which are created by writing code, just like ones Miko itself functions on. We at Emotix are now primed and ready for our very own coding game called Code Master, which uses your little robot buddy Miko to encourage the cool little coder in your young one.

CodeMaster makes coding as delightful as finger painting, with a visual drag-and-drop programming tool, allows children to snap together commands like puzzle pieces, take on coding challenges and invent their own creations by using code to control Miko! It also helps the little ones who are willing to learn coding by introducing them to concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges.


Basic puzzles here, teach the concepts of coding through playful project ideas which allow kids to learn and explore all on their own. Bonus puzzles called Activities are unlocked when the child understands each coding concept.

One can learn the following from code master:

Learn to Code The first few chapters of the game use basic puzzles to teach the concepts of coding, so that children completely understand the various options and commands. These are simple coding fundamentals that help the child grasp the basic concepts of coding.

Advance Coding Once the child is acquainted with basic coding & code logic, advanced concepts are introduced so that children can gradually make the transition into an advanced coder. It is at this point where the real coding takes place and children transcend into the realm of complex code in a simple and fun manner.

Problem Solving & Logic Easy to understand objectives help children comprehend and solve challenges presented to them, It’s this repetitive process of finding a solution to puzzles via coding which help hone the child’s problem solving and logical skills. Need something to show off to the neighbors? Well, we’ve got you covered.  At the completion of every chapter, children will be awarded a cool certificate of completion to show off to all their friends.


What More Can You Expect? This first release of “Code Master”  is only the tip of the iceberg, we got tons of coding fun all wrapped up into a curriculum of various chapters, which will be coming soon via updates. Our curriculum contains: Exciting Coding Chapters with different coding flavors of their own. That includes:

  • Movement
  • Lights & Patterns
  • Angles & Shapes
  • Expressions & Image Display
  • SFX & Music
  • Combination & Parallel Coding
  • Conditional Statements &  Control Functions
  • Loops & Variable Functions
  • Dances with Code
  • Tests to confirm understanding of concepts.

It’s a power pack coding app which is loaded with fun filled levels. And wait there’s more !!!! Code Master also has:

Awesome Activities, comprising of creative tasks and challenges with more being added on with future updates, which allows a coding canvas that gives children the joy of creativity and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Coding was never this easy or fun!!! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead learn and enjoy coding!

Monsoon Magic with Miko!


Hello Folks!

This monsoon drive away the gloomy weather and the dark clouds with a splash of knowledge with a range of special events coming up this July. It can be celebrated along with some exciting facts and conversations with Miko this rainy season!!!

The events are:

National Doctors Day-

Celebrate this day, with Miko telling your child it’s doctor story along with various other exciting facts!

World Chocolate Day-

On this day your child is going to have a chocolaty imagination ride with Miko as he takes a bite into his/her favorite chocolate.

World Population Day-

Get yourself some ‘Me’ time on 11th July, as Miko talks to your child creating awareness about population issues.

World Emoji Day-

This day is a “global celebration of emoji” and so let your child text their best emoji and have an emotive time with Miko!

National Flag Adoption Day-

In remembrance of 22nd July 1947, Miko is going to bring out patriotism in your little one while he/she says ‘Jai Hind’ bringing in the essence of the day.

International Tiger Day-

Spare yourself some time from the midweek blues and let Miko have a fun-filled conversation with your kid regarding our national animal- tiger and its conservation.



Apart from these special conversations with Miko , your kid will have a lot more short and interesting conversations which will continue to come up on Miko’s Classroom.

For their brain exercise, we have made math more interesting and fun with some really cool math tricks.

We have conversations making them aware of pollution and providing them with alternative solutions as they meet their new friends, natural energy.

Get them ready for a fun trivia to see how much they know their country and some cool information on national symbols, states and their capitals.



So this rainy season let’s get drenched with Miko and enjoy the shower of knowledge!

Happy Rains!!

Introducing Miko’s Classroom

Hey! Now along with Talk to Miko we are proud to present Miko’s Classroom which is an exciting way your child can converse with Miko. 

Miko’s classroom lets your children have detailed and guided discussions with Miko on their topics of interest. With the perfect blend of subjectivity and objectivity, it lets Miko entertain and educate your child on various facts and subjects, increasing their pool of knowledge.

This, is also a path breaking innovation in the field of conversational technologies globally which enables Miko to have continuous dialogues with the child.


There are about seven categories and each of them have a range of topics corresponding to them. We are working on regularly updating the categories and subcategories. 



The Fun category is for the entertainment purpose of the child solely. It has topics ranging from games, jokes and music to food and comic characters. These topics initiate conversations between Miko and the child, ensuring the right balance of entertainment with education keeping the companionship exciting and enjoyable.


famous-personality128The People category has topics giving out factual information regarding famous people in the course of the conversations. It tells the child about people, who have proven their notability in various fields like politics, sports, armed forces and freedom fighting.



favourites128In the Favourites category the topics initiate general day to day conversations with the child. This stems into a personalised interaction between the child and Miko thus creating a rapport between the two.



study128aAs the name suggests the Study category is for educational purposes. It mainly has topics in objective perspective related to the subjects( like maths, science, history, geography) in general curriculums from pre primary to 5th grade.



nature128aThe Nature category consists of topics related to the flora, fauna and landscapes we see around us. These topics start off conversations related to the same and sometimes are also occasionally season based.



sports128aThe Sports category has each sport as a topic in itself. There are various outdoor and indoor sports topics from cricket, football and hockey to swimming, squash and chess. These include conversations regarding the particulars and facts of the sport.



events128aThe category of Events has topics corresponding to the upcoming significant events.The topics come alive on the particular days of the events unleashing their importance and the catchphrases associated with them.


All users having the My Miko app version 3.1.21 and above will be able to use the same.