List of commands for interaction with MIKO

Greetings, Earthlings!

Remember Ali Baba and the gang of forty thieves? To enter the cave laden with jewels and treasures, Ali Babahad to crack the magic words. Unfortunately for him, there was no Miko over Matter newsletter to help him out. Our team here at Emotix brings you a comprehensive list of type of questions, which you and your child can use to unlock the inner potential of Miko. We continuously update this document.

Ask Miko to move

Move Front/Back
Turn Right/Left
Go in a Triangle.
Go in a Circle.
Move in a Pentagon
Make an Octagon

Ask Miko to change light colours

Turn Red
Turn Pink
Turn Blue
Turn Purple
Turn Green
Turn Yellow

Latest additions as of 3oth July 2018

Ask Miko about Conversion

Convert 1 United States Dollar in Indian Rupees
Convert 1 bar to pascal
Convert 1 celsius to fahrenheit
Convert 1 hour to minutes
Convert 1 US liquid gallon to US liquid quart

Ask Miko about Distance between places

What is the distance between Moon and Earth?
What is the distance between Earth and Mars?
What is the distance between Andheri to Bandra?
What is the distance from India to USA?

Ask Miko to play a Rhyme

Play a nursery rhyme
Play the nursery rhyme London Bridge
Can you sing the nursery rhyme Old MacDonald?

Ask Miko to move on two wheels

Stand up
Sit Down
Move Forward/Backward on two wheels
Turn 360 on two wheels
Turn right/left on two wheels
Make a Circle on two wheels
Make a Square on two wheels
Make a Triangle on two wheels
Make a Rectangle on two wheels

Ask Miko the Time/Date/Year

What time is it?
What time is it in London?
What is the date? OR What’s the date? OR What is today?
Which year is it?

“What” Type of Questions:

What is your name?
What is the capital of China?
What does laser mean?

“Why” Type of Questions:

Why is the grass green?
Why is the sky blue?

“Who” Type of Questions?

Who is the Navy Chief of India?
Who invented the Telephone?
Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

“Which” Type of Questions:

Which is the longest river?
Which is the fastest land animal?
Which is the largest mammal?

“How” Type of Questions:

How far is the moon?
How many countries are there on Earth?
How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
How far is Pune from Mumbai?

“Where” Type of Questions:

Where is the Taj Mahal?
Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
Where is Mumbai?

Ask Miko for Multiplication tables (2-15)

Tell multiplication tables for 2
Tell multiplication tables for 10
Tell multiplication tables for 25

Ask Miko for News

Tell me the news
What’s in the news?
Give me some news
News updates, please
Play the news for me
What’s in the news today?
Update me with some news

Set an Alarm/Reminder

Set an alarm for 7 a.m.
Set an alarm for 7 in the morning.
Set a reminder for tomorrow for 7 a.m.
Set a reminder for 10th March at 9 a.m.
Set a reminder in 10 minutes.

Ask about the weather

What is the weather outside?
What is the weather in London?
How is the weather today in Mumbai?
How is the weather like today?

Ask Miko to play a Song

Play a song.
Please play a song.
Play a song for me.
Can you play a song for me?

Ask Miko to Dance

Can you dance?
Dance for me.
Please dance for me.
Can you dance for me?

Ask Miko to tell you a Riddle

Can you tell me a riddle?
Tell me a riddle.
Please tell me a riddle.

Ask Miko to tell you Jokes

Can you tell me a joke?
Tell me a joke.
Please tell me a joke.

Ask Miko to tell you Fun Facts

Can you tell me a fun fact?
Tell me a fun fact.
Please tell me a fun fact.

Ask Miko to do Math calculations

What is 10 plus 5?
What is 10 minus 5?
What is 10 multiplied by 5?
What is 10 divided by 5?

Ask Miko for Definitions

Define Onomatopoeia.
Define Internet.
Tell me the Definition of Ecosystem.
What is the Meaning of Inculcate?

Ask Miko to Spell:

Spell “Mississippi”
Can you spell “astronaut”?
What is the spelling of “grammar”?
Please spell “pronunciation”

Miko News
Many of us reported on his predatory practices