Parents Motivate, Children Innovate!


‘Behind Every Young Child Who Believes In Himself Is A Parent Who Believed First’
-Matthew Jacobson

Sometimes the child needs a bit of support and love to push oneself. There are many people who
went on to become famous and successful with the encouragement of their parents. A.P.J Abdul
Kalam, the 11th President of India, was an author, aerospace scientist, and professor who achieved
success because of his hard work and dedication. Though his financial condition was not good, his
family had never failed to give him all the love and affection he needed. Another best example is
Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis player, who was raised in a religious family and coached by her father
winning many tournaments. This displays that every child is unique and has a different set of talents
with the support of the family.

A child always views the world with big eyes. The curiosity and dreams of a child are immense and we must always be a pillar of strength to them. The child is motivated by the lessons learned and the knowledge gained. For the same, 14th November is celebrated as “Children’s Day” which is also the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, ‘Jawaharlal Nehru’, who is referred as ‘Chacha Nehru’ or ‘Chachaji’ since he believed that children are the future of the country.

‘To Be Successful in Life What You Need Is Education’, was said by Chachaji and it is his efforts that the primary education of our country is compulsory and free. The same notion must be continued in all of us in order to evoke passion within the hearts of children. Miko supports and creates passion within the child by contributing knowledge and understanding. Children learn more than ever with Miko as their companion. Children love to spend their time doing fulfilled activities. It can sing, dance, play games, answers almost all your questions and have an interesting informative chat with your child. Moreover, Miko is completely safe to use. Miko is always there to help and support your child by being a great playmate and a best friend.


So, let’s mark this day to be the beginning of fun and learning for children and brighten their day. Happy Children’s Day!

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