MIKO and the Phone

Why do we need a smartphone to interact with Miko

We use state of the art speech recognition framework to understand user queries. With multiple accents and mannerisms in pronunciation and the way in which each one of us has a unique speech pattern, it strives to adapt to all. Accuracy of recognition reduces further with kids who are even more unique in their manner of speech. The smartphone interface has thus been created to ensure feedback and allow for the child to see and correct pronunciation visually. The child can tap on the “Talk to Miko” microphone icon in the My Miko App or type their question in the text input.

Can my child talk to Miko without keeping the smartphone in his hand or pressing the button on My Miko app
To allow more flexibility we are introducing a trigger word, “Hello Miko” from April 2017. This would enable a direct interaction as long as the phone is in a 1-2m radius from the child. However do note that the trigger must precede every question/statement. e.g. “Hello Miko – Who is the president of the United States”. This will come as a free app update to all consumers.
Kindly make sure the smartphone has the Android version 5.0 or above.
We recommend the below phones for best operation with MIKO
Recommended phones for MIKO
Welcome to the age of emotional intelligence
List of commands for interaction with MIKO