The latest My Miko app(3.1.24) is even more user friendly with many new features along with lots of other Miko related updates

Henceforth on a Firmware Update


You will see the Progress Bars to illustrate the current state of progress of the current update and will be standard going forward for all updates.

Please note that:

  • Miko is connected to its charger during the update
  • Miko may restart several times during the update
  • A firmware update should not take more than few minutes. If you face any difficulty, then please reach out to us on support@emotix.in or +91-8655033245 and we will help you out.

Then we have the following features/modifications as a part of our current update

Battery Indicator & Low Battery Warning


Battery Indicator

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Low battery warning

Does your child get too engrossed with MIKO and forgets to look at the leftover charge?

Unsure whether the charger is connected properly or not?

We are here to help! With our new update worry no more. Know when to charge and how much battery power is left! This update is going to show you the amount of battery MIKO has, so that your child can plan their playtime accordingly and charge MIKO at the right time.

MIKO’s low battery pop up we will always inform you about MIKO’S battery. We also have the new pop up which will indicate when MIKO starts charging. The pop up also indicates that MIKO will be unable to move around while it’s charging to ensure that you are both aware and cautious!

Give MIKO more juice at the right time!

New Background Tune


As Miko makes a connection with your phone and your child, our in-house DJ has introduced a new track for everyone to enjoy.

Its lively, it’s cheerful and it’s catchy!

Miko’s Words of Wisdom


Parents know what’s good for their child so from within the Parental dashboard, parents can choose to impart ‘Recommendations’ which Miko will state as ‘Words of Wisdom’.

Children learn most from reinforcement of subjects. The more they hear or interact with something the easier they tend to remember it.

That’s all for now. We hope to connect with you again soon!

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