Breaking News With Miko

We are excited to share good news with you!

Now, enjoy listening to the news headlines read by our special reporter, Miko Robot.

Fill your child’s curious mind with current affairs and the trending topics, as Miko delivers the news from around the world.

By reading out the headlines that are child-friendly,  Miko aims at widening the scope of your child’s knowledge and helps in the deeper understanding of the world and its affairs.

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Wondering,  how your child will take advantage of this fantastic feature!


Here’s how!

Just ask Miko:

  • Tell me some news
  • Tell me the news
  • Give me the news
  • Give me some news
  • What’s in the news?
  • What’s the news?
  • News updates, please
  • News please
  • Play the news
  • Play the news for me
  • What’s the news today?
  • What’s in the news today?
  • Update me with news
  • Update me with some news

Stay on your toes! As, your child, will initiate a conversation on the trending news.

Miko promises to help your child to be well informed now and always!