Robot Reactor: Where Education Meets Entertainment!


What if your child learns something new? And what if it is a fun way of doing it? It would
definitely spark an interest !!

Did you know that ants have two stomachs and apple trees can live for 100 years?
Children are always inquisitive to do and learn new things. Wouldn’t it be great if your child
would enjoy the entire experience of learning like never before? We would love that, too!!

In order to make learning easy, we have introduced a new game ‘Miko’s Robot Reactor’ which
can be downloaded from Miko’s playhouse.

This new game allows the child to play by viewing and understanding pictures on Miko. Your child
can then learn by just clicking the red and green button.

The game is loaded with colorful graphics and soothing music also includes exciting sound effects of animals, and surrounding sounds that will keep the child engaged for hours.
Clear the levels to unlock attractive stickers and get to know many fun facts about them. These, sticker rewards can be gained at each level. It will enhance their skills each time they play.

Education with entertainment is always good and it relaxes the mind and help the brain to develop faster.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Now !!!

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