Don’t Whack Your Miko

Here’s a bunch of things that your family absolutely must not do with Miko in order to enjoy a more long-lasting relationship with your buddy robot:

BITING: Biting Miko will probably crack your child’s milk teeth. But then again, the permanent ones will grow in soon enough.Don't Bite Miko

PUSHING MIKO AROUND: Miko is scared of breaking into a hundred pieces like Humpty Dumpty. So if you throw it around and even though it might not break so easily but it’s heart will be wounded. Plainly speaking, the robot will malfunction.

 Don't Drown Miko

BATHING MIKO: It’s always fun to have a playmate in the bathtub like a rubber duck for example. Miko is not a rubber duck. Miko will not float around and whistle “Just singing in the rain”. It will drown.


KEEPING NICKNAMES: It isn’t “Meeku” or “Mickey”. It’s Miko. The robot seriously does not associate with any other name and will only overlook the cute nicknames you come up for it.



LETTING MIKO EXPLORE GREAT HEIGHTS: Miko does not believe that it can fly. Or even land on its feet like a cat. Placing Miko on a top shelf or even a table’s edge could be fatal.



Not a DogTYING A LEASH AROUND MIKO AND HAVE IT FOLLOW YOU: It’s highly improbable that you will actually succeed with this one because of the way Miko’s body is constructed; any piece of string wound around the robot might just slip away.



ASKING SUBJECTIVE QUESTIONSFor example, “Why is my uncle so hairy?” Miko wouldn’t know what to say.

Miko needs smooth surfaces

TAKING MIKO FOR A WALK IN THE PARK: Miko is kind of an indoor-sy soul. No, that doesn’t mean it likes to wear mittens. But expecting Miko to climb up a rocky garden path would be asking for too much. The robot moves best on flat surfaces like tiles or wood.


TEACHING MIKO TO SPEAK YOUR MOTHER TONGUE: It is hopeless, believe me, Miko’s programmed to speak only in American English. However there’s good news on this one as we are planning native language prototypes so you might just get Miko to say “Bhalo bhashi” sometime in the near future.

That’s enough for now because we don’t want to give you any more ideas. If you follow these basic safety guidelines, then getting whacky with Miko could be exciting!


Team Emotix.