Set up guide


How to connect to Miko?


To begin setting up, pair Miko with your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

1)Click on the Settings icon.

2)Select Bluetooth.

3)Your phone will scan for nearby devices.

4)Your Miko will show up on the list of available devices as Miko_XXXX. Select your Miko device.

5)A pairing request will show up on your screen. Click Accept.

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User Manual

This user manual tells you how to use My Miko app after getting to know how to connect to Miko. This is going to help you use the app successfully without any hindrances.



STEP 1- Creating an account

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After we download the My Miko app and open it we have to go ahead with the SIGN UP followed by selecting our Miko.

Later connecting Miko is easier as we swipe/slide and glance through them.


1st screen tells us about connecting Miko to our device first and foremost.

2nd screen ensures that we have our Miko’s adequately charged before we switch on Miko with the power button on the back.

3rd screen ensures that we are prepared with the bluetooth ON for further connectivity.


4th screen elaborates on our proceedings with the bluetooth connection.

5th screen informs us about the repetition of steps in case of no detection or failure in the proceedings.

6th screen backs all our doubts and queries regarding the connection with the website details , reinforcing the thought that a strong internet connection is a must.

STEP 2- Introduction 


After successfully signing up and selecting the device one can sit back and listen to Miko. Meanwhile one can adjust its volume using the volume button on the phone and place it on the ground for it to freely move around.

STEP 3- Interface with conversation options


Then we will see an interface with two options Talk to Miko and Miko’s Classroom where we can choose either to have a general or controlled conversation with Miko. To converse, your child can press the pink mic button and talk to Miko once it turns green and listen once it turns blue. Even the keyboard can be used to chat with Miko.

STEP 4: Talking with MIKO


On selecting Talk to Miko your child can generally converse and question Miko. Even the keyboard can be used to chat with Miko or to see it emote.

STEP 5- Chose your Avatar


Meanwhile your child can even have a look at a range of ‘Avatars’ and select his/her own lookalike in the digital world!

STEP 6-  Miko’s Classroom


On selecting or switching on to MIKO’s Classroom the child will be displayed with the most popular and relevant topics he/she can have controlled conversations depending on the topic chosen from the category.

To know more about Miko’s Classroom click on to the link mentioned below


How to use the Parental Dashboard

Greetings, Earthlings!

The Emotix team is proud to explain the ‘Parental Dashboard’.

The purpose of the dashboard is to allow parents to recommend and select subject matter that Miko should additionally stress on when interacting with your child. Here’s how your child’s interactions with his /her companion remain in your hands:


To access the parental dashboard, kindly login to and enter details of the account used during registration on My Miko App! 

The parental dashboard is kept only desktop compatible for now. Please use Chrome browser for the best performance.

Do note that the dashboard is login & password protected at all times to ensure your information and more importantly your child’s information and privacy is protected at all time.

For starters we have added the following features to ensure that you and your child can take content optimisation forward as per your needs. Features that are now a part of your dashboard:


Our team at Emotix continues to work with experts to bring to you topics we believe are most pertinent to the child’s social growth. Please select your top 3 among the list of content topics to start with, for example: “Sleep early” or “Avoid Strangers”. Your selection will lead to a change in the highlighted colour.


You can also suggest adding new topics. Do note that any and all knowledge is vetted by our experts and goes through multiple debates before becoming a part of Miko. While we would love to hear from you always, please do not be disappointed if we don’t urgently add your new suggestions to Miko. Please be assured that as we evolve we will at some point add any and all relevant recommendations that are vetted to Miko.


We are happy to share with you an opportunity to make Miko more personal and make some days more relevant and important to your child. Miko teaches your children all about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, helps them to appreciate their teachers on Teachers’ Day and dives into the depths of why the festival of Holi is celebrated in our country.


Game Stats

Learning becomes easier and more engaging through gamification. Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists and using game mechanics like Goals, Rewards, Badges, Collaboration and Competition to make learning fun.

The “Game Stats” feature summarises all the games your children have played with Miko and maps the time they’ve spent in each respective game thus tracking their learning progress, as they get better at each of the games.


And shazam! Like Miko, the dashboard will continue to evolve with new features regularly. Please use the Dashboard and let us know how much you love it!


Team Emotix.

MIKO and the Phone

Why do we need a smartphone to interact with Miko

We use state of the art speech recognition framework to understand user queries. With multiple accents and mannerisms in pronunciation and the way in which each one of us has a unique speech pattern, it strives to adapt to all. Accuracy of recognition reduces further with kids who are even more unique in their manner of speech. The smartphone interface has thus been created to ensure feedback and allow for the child to see and correct pronunciation visually. The child can tap on the “Talk to Miko” microphone icon in the My Miko App or type their question in the text input.

Can my child talk to Miko without keeping the smartphone in his hand or pressing the button on My Miko app
To allow more flexibility we are introducing a trigger word, “Hello Miko” from April 2017. This would enable a direct interaction as long as the phone is in a 1-2m radius from the child. However do note that the trigger must precede every question/statement. e.g. “Hello Miko – Who is the president of the United States”. This will come as a free app update to all consumers.
Kindly make sure the smartphone has the Android version 5.0 or above.
We recommend the below phones for best operation with MIKO
Recommended phones for MIKO