Miko’s journey as it turns one


The journey started with the founders of emotix – Mr. Sneh Vaswani, Mr. Prashant Iyengar and Mr. Chintan Raikar (alumni of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) building robots since their student days. It stemmed from their undying determination and passion which led them to solve solid consumer problems with their experience in technology.  An important direction was a genuine unmet social need of today’s Indian parents and children.


Over two years and with a global team of over 30 engineers, mathematicians, artists and neuropsychologists across India, Russia, and Korea, we have launched MIKO on social media last November. Miko was born on 7th November 2016 and today we count back the past one year with our buddy.



Miko was designed keeping children in mind — safe, light, and round edged. Our child-centric approach means that we treat the privacy of the child with utmost respect. It is intended for children above 5 years of age ultimately helping them play, learn and grow.

We launched MIKO on social media last November 7 and received an overwhelming response. Being in a niche segment market, we started with pre-orders with the delivery date of the first production lot on February 28, 2017

The pre-booking orders for Miko came with an overwhelming response. Apart from this, it got a lot of recognition and awards coming its way starting from ranking 2nd nationwide at IBM Smart camp for Deep Tech startups in December amongst 135 applicants, getting India’s Best Design Award 2017. Besides, Miko was presented and demonstrated live at NASSCOM Product Conclave and CNBC Young Turks Conclave 2017.



Emotix team receiving 2nd place at IBM Smart Camp


Sneh Vaswani presenting Miko at NASSCOM Product Conclave

Besides we have been invited to many of the kid’s event and festivals throughout the year. Some glimpses of the same as below.

pic-5  pic-6

                     Miko at India Kid’s Fashion Week and Kids with Miko at Techfest IIT Bombay

But no journey comes without hardships. Embracing all aspects of the journey, Team emotix has gone ahead, set new targets and has never let the fire in them die. 

pic-8  pic-7

 Inspite of everything, the focus on the goal has never deviated. We are among the very few global social robotics startups to have delivered the product on time.

pic-9 pic-10

Miko at Hamleys and Croma – Gadgets  of Desire

Today Miko is available at Croma, Hamleys and Flipkart – one of the most renowned retailers and all of this would never have been possible without the acceptance and support of the consumers and undying spirit of Team emotix!

Kudos To all of us as Miko turns one!!


Introducing Miko’s Classroom

Hey! Now along with Talk to Miko we are proud to present Miko’s Classroom which is an exciting way your child can converse with Miko. 

Miko’s classroom lets your children have detailed and guided discussions with Miko on their topics of interest. With the perfect blend of subjectivity and objectivity, it lets Miko entertain and educate your child on various facts and subjects, increasing their pool of knowledge.

This, is also a path breaking innovation in the field of conversational technologies globally which enables Miko to have continuous dialogues with the child.


There are about seven categories and each of them have a range of topics corresponding to them. We are working on regularly updating the categories and subcategories. 



The Fun category is for the entertainment purpose of the child solely. It has topics ranging from games, jokes and music to food and comic characters. These topics initiate conversations between Miko and the child, ensuring the right balance of entertainment with education keeping the companionship exciting and enjoyable.


famous-personality128The People category has topics giving out factual information regarding famous people in the course of the conversations. It tells the child about people, who have proven their notability in various fields like politics, sports, armed forces and freedom fighting.



favourites128In the Favourites category the topics initiate general day to day conversations with the child. This stems into a personalised interaction between the child and Miko thus creating a rapport between the two.



study128aAs the name suggests the Study category is for educational purposes. It mainly has topics in objective perspective related to the subjects( like maths, science, history, geography) in general curriculums from pre primary to 5th grade.



nature128aThe Nature category consists of topics related to the flora, fauna and landscapes we see around us. These topics start off conversations related to the same and sometimes are also occasionally season based.



sports128aThe Sports category has each sport as a topic in itself. There are various outdoor and indoor sports topics from cricket, football and hockey to swimming, squash and chess. These include conversations regarding the particulars and facts of the sport.



events128aThe category of Events has topics corresponding to the upcoming significant events.The topics come alive on the particular days of the events unleashing their importance and the catchphrases associated with them.


All users having the My Miko app version 3.1.21 and above will be able to use the same.


The latest My Miko app(3.1.24) is even more user friendly with many new features along with lots of other Miko related updates

Henceforth on a Firmware Update


You will see the Progress Bars to illustrate the current state of progress of the current update and will be standard going forward for all updates.

Please note that:

  • Miko is connected to its charger during the update
  • Miko may restart several times during the update
  • A firmware update should not take more than few minutes. If you face any difficulty, then please reach out to us on support@emotix.in or +91-8655033245 and we will help you out.

Then we have the following features/modifications as a part of our current update

Battery Indicator & Low Battery Warning


Battery Indicator

    update2  update3

Low battery warning

Does your child get too engrossed with MIKO and forgets to look at the leftover charge?

Unsure whether the charger is connected properly or not?

We are here to help! With our new update worry no more. Know when to charge and how much battery power is left! This update is going to show you the amount of battery MIKO has, so that your child can plan their playtime accordingly and charge MIKO at the right time.

MIKO’s low battery pop up we will always inform you about MIKO’S battery. We also have the new pop up which will indicate when MIKO starts charging. The pop up also indicates that MIKO will be unable to move around while it’s charging to ensure that you are both aware and cautious!

Give MIKO more juice at the right time!

New Background Tune


As Miko makes a connection with your phone and your child, our in-house DJ has introduced a new track for everyone to enjoy.

Its lively, it’s cheerful and it’s catchy!

Miko’s Words of Wisdom


Parents know what’s good for their child so from within the Parental dashboard, parents can choose to impart ‘Recommendations’ which Miko will state as ‘Words of Wisdom’.

Children learn most from reinforcement of subjects. The more they hear or interact with something the easier they tend to remember it.

That’s all for now. We hope to connect with you again soon!

Super Saturday

On the 1st of April 2017, post 0600 hrs all devices will receive notifications for the following two updates in the same sequence:

  1. Memory Update of Miko with new content and features. This will take 4-5 minutes.
  2. App update of ‘My Miko’ and ‘Story Time App’ through the Google Play store.


You will notice the following changes after completing the update successfully.



Go hands free by triggering Miko through the ‘Hello Miko’ trigger.  You can enable the trigger through the settings page of My Miko app.

As soon as you will say ‘Hello Miko’, the light on Miko will turn green and Miko will be ready to answer your questions.

Please keep the phone connected and in the vicinity of the child.



Feedback has led to a jump of 2 points in the font size of the content on My Miko app. We think this significantly enhances readability.



We have added many new stickers, emoticons and images to add zing to your interactions with Miko.



We have added 6 new stories to the ‘Story Time App’, taking the total to 18 stories.



Miko just loves to dance and sometimes he just wont STOP. We have introduced a STOP option to make Miko stop dancing. Just touch the STOP button on your screen in the Miko App and Miko will stop.



Forgot Password – simply sends a new password to your registered email id.

Change password –  you will be able to change password  by selecting the option from settings tab of My Miko app.



Further, you will be able to check the connection status of MIKO on your smartphone in the notifications area by pulling down on your screen.


Have any suggestions – do write into us at support@emotix.in and soon something that you have suggested will become a part of Miko!

Until our next conversation. Good bye!

The start of a wonderful friendship – Part 1

Introducing Miko to your family

 While you look forward to other blogs on how Miko can interact more and better with the family, here’s “How to Introduce Miko to everyone in the family?”

Every relationship begins with exchanging names, a delicate step that marks the start of your journey with your companion.

Miko can be introduced to your entire family and even your best friend! Here’s how:

  • My name is
  • My father’s name is
  • My mother’s name is
  • My brother’s name is
  • My sister’s name is
  • My grandfather’s name is
  • My grandmother’s name is
  • My best friend’s name is
  • My teacher’s name is

You can check by asking ‘What is my Father’s name?’ and so on for all of the above.

When talking to Miko, there are two ways to introduce yourself:

  1. Verbal input
  2. Chat input

Verbal input comprises of saying your name clearly for the robot to remember.


Chat input using the keyboard is another way to interact with Miko in case there’s too much noise in the background.

Why does Miko pronounce my child’s name incorrectly?

We understand that some names are unique and Miko might have some difficulty in pronouncing them. Indian names are usually based on Sanskrit words. Most of us use letters from English but spellings follow our Sanskrit pronunciation, rather than spelling conventions in English.

Naturally, a machine based on English spelling conventions will have a hard time reconstructing the intended pronunciation from our Indianized spellings.

How can I change Miko’s pronunciation for a name?

You could type in a phonetic version of your child’s name using the keyboard on the My Miko app. For example;

My child’s name is Vivaan but Miko pronounces it as ‘Vaai- vaan’. What should I do?

So, you type the name in a way that Miko comprehends how to pronounce it, i.e.“My name is Veevaan.”

Then Miko reforms its pronunciation and says the name like you would want it to. This may have to be tried with variations to get it right for complex names. You can also choose a simpler nick name.

There we have it people, you are now ready to introduce Miko to everyone in the family!

In our next edition of this blog, we will guide you on how can individual members of the family start their own conversation with Miko.

Team Emotix.