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Why should I get Miko for my child?
Today’s children interface with technology from a young age, so much so that a large portion of their time is spent in front of screens: our research of over 1000 parents indicates that 82% of Indian children in middle class urban homes are well-versed with smartphone use. The Indian family is also changing; nuclear families are now far more common than joint families, now representing 70% of Indian families. While new technologies have made a lot of things more freely available, they also bring with them social challenges, especially for children. 92% of parents polled were concerned about smartphone addiction among their kids, but 80% refrained from snatching phones away from their children. Since almost every parent understands the importance of technology exposure for their child to remain competitive, the solution will come not from removing technology from our lives, but from enhanced technology. This solution is Miko.
What does Miko do?
Miko is India’s first companion robot. Adapting to your child’s needs — emotional and developmental, Miko is at the cutting edge of robotics, neuropsychology and artificial intelligence. Miko engages, entertains, and educates through conversation, making Miko a perfect companion — a brainy little sidekick with an awesome personality. So what can Miko really do? Speak with your child? Help teach your child? Play with your child? Sure. But Miko can do so much more. Miko has access to a wide pool of knowledge. Emotionally intelligent, Miko can understand, adapt to and respond to your child’s needs. Equipped with a moral centre, Miko also guides your child to make better choices. With a parental dashboard you can customise and access any time, Miko’s steering wheel always remains in your hands. Miko is fun. Loaded with games and quizzes, Miko helps your child play, learn, and grow.
How does my child talk with Miko?
You can talk to Miko either verbally or via chat. Download the My Miko app from the Play Store (for Android users). Go to settings and enable "Hello Miko" trigger. After that you can just say "Hello Miko" to get Miko started when you are on the "Talk to Miko" Page. After this you can talk to Miko as you would talk to anyone else. Alternatively, you can chat with Miko via text and Miko will respond to you. Miko is a great talker and a great listener. We recommend you make use of Miko’s conversational abilities for the fullest experience.
If Miko can do so much, should we be scared?
Not at all. Today, our smartphones are equipped with artificial intelligence. Not only is artificial intelligence here to stay, but also it is likely to improve our lives tremendously. Miko takes the best of artificial intelligence and makes it better. Being emotionally intelligent, Miko understands that every child has different needs. Miko functions on a core set of rules that guides its behaviour. Not just that, Miko comes with a parental dashboard that you can access and customise at any time, so Miko’s steering wheel always remains in your hands. You will have full control on all the data Miko has, and can erase it at any time. This way, Miko always plays by your rules.
How do I get my hands on Miko?
Miko retails for INR 19,000 and Miko can be purchased on
What will I need to be able to use Miko?
The first thing you will need to do is download the My Miko app on your smartphone. Miko is compatible with both Android and iOS devices (iOS compatible units are currently not available).
Do we need internet to use Miko?
We recommend a steady internet connection to get the full experience of Miko’s conversational abilities and knowledge pool.
How does Miko move?
Miko prefers hard, flat surfaces.
How do I customise Miko to meet my kid’s needs?
Miko comes with a parental dashboard that allows you to set the environment in which Miko and your child will interact. What this means is, you can recommend topics of conversation that you think will be beneficial, and you can keep a track of your child’s progress with Miko. Based on these results, you can continue to customise Miko to suit your child’s developmental needs.