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Lead AI Engineer
About the profile
  • Designing the overall AI architecture in collaboration with Software Engineering Team
  • Designing and developing core AI/ML algorithms for diverse applications like text processing,image processing and computer vision,speech processing,gesture processing etc
  • Design and Development structured databases and knowledge bases for information storage
  • Keep up with the latest technology trends in AI/ML (deep learning,Hierarchical temporal models,deep reinforcement learning )
Computational Linguist
About the profile
  • Developing a model for the interaction and dialogue in humans by analyzing structured and unstructured conversational databases
  • Develop a conversational model for AI entity for conversation with humans.
  • Analyze interactions between the AI entity and the user,explore bottlenecks and improve conversations.
  • Lead strong fundamentals in computational linguistics concepts like grammatical parsing,semantic analysis,Phonology
  • Develop NLP co-relations for translation,POS tagging,speech synthesis,speech recognition etc
Embedded Firmware Engineer
About the profile
  • Design, develop, implement, debug and maintain embedded real time applications for Android based products in Java, C, & C++ development environments
  • Work closely with other software and hardware engineers to solve design issues
  • Responsible for design and implementation of new device features on multiple platforms
  • Responsible for integrating and controlling 3rd party applications on multiple platforms
  • Responsible for the maintenance of current software including: feature enhancements, performance increases, troubleshooting, testing, and bug fixing
  • Interfacing software applications with other devices and control systems
  • Providing technical documentation (test procedures, design specifications, etc.)
Lead Unity 3D Developer
About the profile
  • Take responsibility of complete Unity code base for Game Development
  • Work with Game,UI/UX designers to implement their designs
  • Shape design and development of various modules like UI Interfaces,Core GameEngine and tools for Developer SDK
  • Work with larger software development team and create and execute plan to incorporate new features into the product