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If we can send robots to outer space, surely we can put them in our homes.
emotix is a consumer electronics company founded on the pillars of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. emotix was founded in October, 2014 by three IIT Bombay post-graduates, and is today driven by a twenty-member team of roboticists, academicians, and neuropsychologists.

The core team of roboticists has been together since 2009, making some of the world’s most widely acclaimed robots. Among these are India’s most capable autonomous underwater vehicles, which ranked among the best internationally and performed Navy based tasks.

Once equipped with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and robotics, and having gained experience in the top technology companies of the world, the team wanted to use their understanding of these fields to solve a real societal challenge. The findings of extensive market research pointed to the direction of the need to bring robotics into Indian homes, and most importantly to Indian families. This brought about the birth of Miko, India’s first companion robot.